How To Add Amazon Affiliate Product

– Hey everyone. In today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how to add Amazon affiliate products to your WooCommerce store. It’s super easy and you don’t wanna miss it. So it’s coming up next.

Now before we get started, let me just preface this in saying that the purchases that will be done for your affiliate products will actually take place on Amazon and not through the WooCommerce check out process. But you can include affiliate products on your store that look like your products that you actually are selling.

You can control the access point for all of that through your WooCommerce store, and it’ll look like a store product, people can click buy now except it will take them to Amazon, where they’ll purchase it using your affiliate tag that you set up with your Amazon associate’s account. So if that’s something that interests you, lets get going on this.

So there are a few pieces that you’re going to need. Obviously you’re gonna need a WordPress website. You’re gonna have to have WooCommerce plug-in installed, it’s free. And it’s actually owned by WordPress. And you’re gonna have to have an Amazon affiliate account. Once those three pieces are in place, then we can start selling up our affiliate product in our WooCommerce store.

So, I’m gonna start over in my WordPress website. I’m gonna go down to WooCommerce, actually I’m gonna click on products, I’m gonna click on add new. For product name, I’m just gonna put in well let’s do Logitech. Logitech C 920. Probably one of the most famous and basic necessities for anyone who’s doing any video online.

And we’re not gonna put anything in for the description yet, okay? So let’s go over to our affilates account and go find the C 920 and get working on that. I’m over here on my Amazon affilates account, the Amazon associates central and I’m gonna search for the C 920 camera. I’m gonna click go.

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All right here are the results, and it’s the first result that I want and I’m gonna click on the down arrow and this is the link that we’re gonna paste in our product over on WooCommerce. So we’re gonna grab that, we’re gonna copy and paste. Copy, go over to our product. Now, under product data, you’re gonna click the dropdown list and you’re gonna click ExternalAffiliate product.

Select that and you’re gonna be shown a product URL option. So we’re gonna put in that URL that we just grabbed. We’re gonna put in a button text, we’re just gonna say Buy Now. Or you can say Buy Now on Amazon, to be right up front, right? The regular price was 55.68. You can see I’ve already tested this out before.

And there’s no sale price for that, it is taxable and it is standard. Those things you don’t really have to worry about because again, it’s not gonna go through your WooCommerce store, it’s gonna look like a store product in your store, but when a person clicks on it, it’s gonna take them to Amazon.

Now we go back to our product here, and we’re gonna actually take a screenshot of the product. Any of these will do, you can click on any of these, or actually mouse over them and just get different views of it. Let’s do that one and… And then just do, to do a screenshot on the Mac, it’s command shift four and we’ll just draw a little line over that.

There we go. And we’ll move back over to our product and add that in. Under featured. And we also have product gallery, so you could do, set the product image and I’ve already taken a screenshot of that. And I got a typo here I just noticed, so let’s take care of that. All right, so that’s our product image and then we can add product and gallery images.

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So let’s go grab the one that we just did. Click on upload, select files, go over to my drop box, screenshots, that’s the last screenshot. Click on open. And we can go back here and change the title, but I just wanna get that done and added so we can see what it looks like. Okay and then that’s that.

We add in a product, don’t forget to tag your product in a category. I can speak. And then you wanna grab your product description. So let’s go back over to this tab. And here’s our product description right here. Grab that and put it in the short description, I like the short description because it shows at the top of the product, all right? Make sure you have these sharing buttons on.

And the other option I’m gonna choose, this is optional, up to you, but I’m gonna show content and no side bars. ‘Cause I like the nice, clean look of the image and the description. Optionally, you can put in here some product reviews or you can put in your own review in here. You can grab some reviews from the actual product.

Here we go. And grab some reviews here. You can put in the link to the reviews, anything you can get people to do that, that would be great. You wanna convince them that this is the product that you need and this is what it can do for you and here’s some of the testimonials that people have responded to you with.

You know, all that type of information can go right into that lower part of the product. So lets take a look at what this looks like. And you know what, just for, I’m just gonna put in test here just so you know where it shows up when I click publish. All right, we have all of our pieces in place.

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I’m gonna click publish. And lets go check out our product, live on my website. Dah, dah, dah. And so here is the, so these are the product profile, you know the gallery, so you can switch, isn’t that cool? So you can switch between images like that. That’s a nice little feature and see how nice and clean it looks without the sidebars? I find that sometimes with the sidebars, it just crams everything down so small that it just doesn’t look very good.

Now here is where that long description would show up and I’ve already done a test so there’s already product in there with that same information. I’m just gonna click on Buy Now on Amazon. And boom, you’re done. Now selling affiliate products through your WooCommerce store. People just click on the Buy Now and they go through the checkout process through Amazon.

This is one of the simplest ways to get your affiliate products, your Amazon affiliate products inside WooCommerce. There are a lot of other plug-ins out there, but I find that if you keep it easy and simple, people are not gonna complain, they’re not gonna have technical problems. You’re not gonna have a technical degree to figure out the plug-in and what it does and how come this video doesn’t match up with what I’m doing? You know you follow a tutorial or something.

So I find that this is probably the simplest thing you can do, the easiest thing you can do to get your affiliate products working through your WooCommerce store. So thanks so much for watching this video. I appreciate it. If you’re new to the channel, don’t forget to subscribe. For more information about me and to check out this new product I just put up, go to LarrySnow.

me and I’ll see you in the next video.

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