Google’s Helpful Content Update Vs AI Copywriting Tool like Jasper (The Final Battle – 2022)

Hello, guys. Igor here. And today we are going to comment one of the most important updates, Google update through the years. That is the Google helpful content update. Google has been working on in a way to bring you the best content, right? Written by human content that should be relevant for you and your audience.

The idea here is that you’re going to find on SERP, on the first page the best content to solve the user’s problem. That’s the idea. And this is a human interaction. You know, writing well is and I think always will be a human. And what Google want to do is to improve their algorithm in a way that they will identify the best content.

What Google does not want is that content that is written by a machine, a copywriting tool that is unhelpful. It’s going to serve because they are changing the algorithm. That is the thing that Google does not want to happen. So it’s pretty simple. It’s the AI copywriting tools that know in any way the machine content is that or will be dead soon.

So the websites are creating multiple content based and exclusively in the machine. They will fall down. But if you are using AI copywriting tools to create relevant content, you use the AI as inspiration, as a way to create and construct your paragraphs. And then you add relevant content, helpful content to users so you are safe.

The idea here is that you can create automated automated paragraph. You can use the AI to help you to write, but you cannot use the AI to write for you. So those who are using the AI to writing from them will have a relevant impact from the next Google updates and so on because they will keep improve the algorithm.

Google was the best writers and the best content on search. That is the idea here. It’s pretty simple to understand, so you don’t need to stop to use. I keep using a copywriting tool to help you to write, but remember that the human way to write, the idea of having a real brain, creating real content that’s address people issue is what will get you on the first page of Google.

So now it’s important for you to understand what mistakes you you may be in on and just fix it to have create the best content for your audience. Okay, so let’s understand what Google wants. So they just start the update saying that they want to focus on people first content. People first content is not that you are mainly right, you are mainly writing.

All your content know is that there is a human brain. They’re creating help for content for users and they are not ads in, you know, chunking of paragraphs that does not bring anything to the table. So if you’re only adding words or only adding keywords because you know, any software are telling you that you need to do that, you are going to have a relevant impact.

The best writers with the best content will be on search. That is the Google idea and I think they are right. You still need to follow as your relevant practice. And Google says on that update that the first focus is to read and understand the Google best SEO practice because they are telling you and they have a guide for it.

And Google is explaining here what is the first what’s the people first? Content blog arch. Let’s, let’s understand here they say, do you have an existing or intended audience for your business or site that would find the content useful if they came directly to you? You have a need. You need to write for a niche.

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You have it, so it’s okay. Another one. Does your content clearly demonstrate first hand expertise and a depth of knowledge? Do you know your your subject to have the authority? Things that are important to SEO is your background. So Google try to crawl that. Who is writing that article? Do you have the knowledge for that? Do you know about the subject and will demonstrate that you know about the subject when you are writing about it.

So if if you are writing about medieval history, do you know about that? Are you adding relevant content? If you are trying to answer the question, does. God exists. Do you know about that? Do you have any background about philosophy of religion in you? You know, adding relevant information about the existence of God.

That’s the thing. Those other sites have a primary purpose or focus or about the needs. You have a need if you’re going to start to write about that. If you have a blog about law, you are addressing the lawyers needs and you are writing about jurisprudence. But the Supreme Court is deciding about the most important subjects, law subjects of our nation.

And when you are writing about it, you are you are not only summarizing content, you are you are adding new information, information that are relevant for your users. After reading your content, will someone leave feeling they’ve learned enough about a topic to help achieve their goal? Have you answered your question? Have you addressed your topic? Does your title summarize what you are writing? What is the body of your content and do you have a good conclusion? Not a generic one.

Will someone reading your content leave feeling like they have? They’ve had a satisfying experience? You are writing well, you divide well your paragraphs. It’s easy to understand. You keep in mind our guidance for core updates and for product reviews is a new product reviews update this year, and it’s really important to get to know about that.

I may create another video about that issue. So they are telling you that they intend to focus on product reviews as well. And now I want to say they are going to start with the English content and then they will go global. If you have a website in Italian or Spanish, you will not be impacted by now but start to prepare yourself because these will be global and they are starting with English content.

Avoid creating content for search engines first. Why? Because search engines will not read your article. People will read your article. That’s why Google wants you to create the better content for humans. Let’s go to the questions. Is the content primarily to attract people from search engines rather than made for humans? So are trying to change the algorithm or are you writing to solve people’s problem? So create article for humans for your audience.

Are you producing lots of content on different topics in hopes that some of it might perform well in search results? Don’t do that creator our content follow. The training is really good when you are trying to create content in the internet. Just try to find the training, follow the training, create content that people want that people want to read that will solve people’s problem.

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Are you using extensive automation to produce content on many topics? That’s the core question Is Google trying to crack down the copyright to know their telling here are using extensive automation. You can use the AI to help with your AI, but you can’t use the AI to write for you. Okay. So how I use the I used the AI to help me to create the paragraph, to structure the paragraph, and then I change everything.

It’s only a way, you know, your blockheads, you need some kind of inspiration, and I will help with that. I is for inspiration, not to replace the right. Those who think the writers will, you know, are you mainly summarize what others have to say without adding much value. You need to add value.

You need to add new content. You know, if I writing about the life of Barack Obama or Donald Trump, they don’t want you to only summarize what people write wrote about them. They want you to create new content and add new information that will make your article better to solve people’s problem in that way.

Knowing about the real history about those personalities, are you mainly are you writing about things simply because they seem changing and not because you write about the rise for existing audience? Yeah. So what I said about training, follow the training. But this training that are relevant for your needs but only any training, you know.

So remember that your blog needs to have a whole structure that feeds on that will be relevant. You know, it’s like dressing, like choosing what kind of t shirt clothes you’re going to use. Everything needs to fit, so you can’t just select a shoes that will not fit with your will. Try to create a blog post that.

Relevant in that they have context and the articles will dialogue with those AR content. Leave readers feeling like they need to search again to get better information from other sources. Have you answered the question? Have you given relevant information they need? Google wants your user to find your website and remember they are promoting your website for free.

So they want users to find your website and they will go to the blog post and they will find the the relevant information that they need to, to, to solve their problem. They’re not fine. Like so it started to write well. It starts to if you want to be on top and just don’t have any fear about the algorithm, try to be real, try to be you, try to write for people and try to solve people’s problem.

Writing relevant content as an expert would be writing about it. That’s why I went Harvard, for instance. Write about the topic you likely find it on. So those are the content. Leave readers feeling like they need to search again to okay. I do write in particular words count because if you heard or read that Google has a preferred words count not they don’t they’re saying here they don’t have a preferred word count.

So you need to understand those tools like suppress your or organize that to say you need to write certain word count. It’s because they are trying to give you the time to give you the land, the probable length of article that will fulfill the complexity of the topic. So it’s not that you need to have one keyword that’s likely one keywords, right? You need to address all the relevant aspects of the topic.

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So it’s not about writing any paragraph to achieve. One key is writing everything relevant up to one case. And if not, if you summarize everything well and not a new information, that’s okay. You don’t need to write a relevant stuff only to achieve one. Okay. Because software is as as you need to do that because it’s not about a perfect length.

You not it’s not about a particular word count when the asshole two is telling you that you need to go around where k word is because maybe the complexity of the topic will need you to go a little bit further to achieve likely one key. Or did you decide to enter some niche topic area without any real expertise, but instead mainly because you thought you would get search traffic.

Google is saying please don’t write about you don’t understand. So if you want to get into content marketing about your need, write about what you know. Google want the experts on search. Does your content promise to answer your question? That’s actually has no answer. So just suggesting there’s a release date for a product movie or TV show when one isn’t confirmed.

That’s the the fake news issue. Don’t create fake news. Don’t write about fake news. Don’t write about things. You don’t know this. Of course, they came yesterday here so bright about things that you can say, can say, yeah, yes, God exists because there is a creation history about that, etc.

, etc., etc. or there is a TV show lounge, you know, family. Adams Yes or no? Tell about what you have that you research it that you know about that will give helpful information with no fake news, please. So that’s the Google search center of not like I found some chips here I’m going to give you.

So for instance, find ways to add statistics and given in external links, not only searches that you find on search, but write about real statistics, about views, about your subject, about your issues and external links. Create, you know, many paragraphs you know well your paragraph don’t just write everything without paragraph.

Edge your unique perspective. Use I in you to give your own perspective. That’s an important to remove any content from the page that is not use. That’s the thing about don’t write particular word. Count your I just wrote something that does not add value. You’re not going to add that paragraph at examples.

Yes, because examples will make your article unique, different from others. That’s the thing here. A copywriting tool is not that they will keep improving themselves and Google is not like I’m going to strike the copywriting the copywriting thing. I don’t want a I know a guy is a tool. A guy is not a writer.

It’s what Google is saying, what you need to do, I hope like that video, if you’re like, please, I have added to links on the description, you can check. Jasper. And you can check out another corporation too that I like it in that I bought it and I just added those link in the description. I hope you’ll like that review.

Thank you so much. Bye bye.

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