Last Month Of Travel

There are only three months to go. There is nothing as stressful as anticipating the last months of the year and all the work needed to be done before the holidays. I’ve been there. Especially when I worked in corporate marketing. We had to make our sales number by the last months of the year or we wouldn’t make our bonus. Or worse we would have to make budget cuts early in the new year.

Perhaps, this time of the year 

doesn’t have to feel entirely overwhelming.

Can this stress be turned into some joy?


Have you thought about your last months of 2016?

Do you have Task Plans or Life Plans? 

We are talking about  plans  that are not your typical enormous list of “to-do” tasks, such as buying thoughtful Christmas gifts for friends and family, booking holiday parties, preparing the menu for Thanksgiving dinner, or making year-end sales numbers at work.

No, I’m talking about something bigger, more meaningful.

  • Last months How do you WANT to close the year and make it end meaningfully for YOU?

How about a plan for the last months of the year that allows you to:

  • Accomplish something in your career, like getting a major project in progress?
  • Win a new business opportunity?
  • Testing out a new idea?

Essentially, move something

big forward as opposed to checking a task off a list. But these are work and career-related projects, there should be something for you.

Is there something in your plans for the last months of 2016 that bring you joy?

Something personal to you?

A plan that allows you to:

  • Feel excited for trying something new, that you have never done before.
  • Take up a new hobby.
  • Have fun – visiting friends, learning to snowboard, surf, learn how to use a camera, start painting, Anything!
  • Or do something that SCARES YOU, gets you out of your comfort zone, but when you do it, you will be so ecstatic you did!

How about tackling a personal project – something you desire to experience?

Troy and I have a few things we want to get done before the year closes, and some are even scary for us.

Our task plans: 

– Travel planning, extending our health insurance, making website fixes, schedule social media. Stuff that has to get done, but it doesn’t light us up and bring us joy.  

Our life plans:

-India and Experteering

We want to go to India, and we have discussed this for YEARS.

Surprisingly, after all our travel experiences, India is a little scary, even for us.

Exploring Vang Vieng, Laos

Exploring Vang Vieng, Laos by motorbike

We put off plans to visit India for 3 Reasons:

  1. We felt we would  

    not have enough time to see as much of the country as we wanted. We also waited for the ‘ideal’ time, to deal with the  seasonal heat. That time never came.

  2. India is a more challenging travel experience. Some call it the attack of the senses – the sights, sounds, smells, limited personal space – which are all significantly different from what we are used to. I am

    also scared of getting sick. I am one of those people that get stomach flu when traveling, and India has a tendency to influence this type of illness.

  3. We want a trip to India to be >meaningful

    because we know India can be a life changing experience. This takes careful planning and preparation of the body, mind, and spirit.

Well, we aren’t putting it off any longer because:

1. We have no more excuses.

  • We have

    skin in the game – we bought and paid for our flights, and we are leaving on October 9th for three months or longer. The ultimate way to commit and avoid backing out of anything is to put your own money down.

  • We

    will make the time because we created a more flexible lifestyle and we work for ourselves, unlike in our previous careers, which allowed us three weeks or less of holiday time. We have also cleared some of our freelance work commitments just to be present and enjoy it!

2. The possibility of ‘something happening’ is the lamest excuse for doing nothing.

  • I am going to do my best to be prepared for sickness and make different choices.
  • I feel confident because I have managed to prevent illness over the last 21 months of traveling full time with my own sick prevention regime.  (fingers crossed)
  • Or perhaps I have just become calmer, more present and more relaxed with traveling.

Regardless, I am making plans to ensure that we are both fully prepared, having travel insurance and with all the planning needs for long term travel.

  • Last months Whatever it is - I welcome India (me and my stomach) and I will take anything as it comes.

3. Making this trip meaningful – Experteering.

We like the idea of volunteering, but typically we find volunteer projects don’t best leverage our work experience. We’ve both worked for 20 years, and helping out by serving guests at a hostel or teaching English  as a job isn’t the kind of contribution we want to make at this stage in our lives. We are also aware that some volunteering projects aren’t necessarily ethical, when it comes to responsible volunteering. We want to leverage our marketing and TV production/video skills to a business that needs support.

We discovered >Moving Worlds,

an organization that focuses on “Experteering.” Moving Worlds is a membership community that connects you directly to social impact organizations around the world that provide local benefits in exchange for your skills.

Hiking in Guatapé with our friends Derk and Erica

  • We met Derk, the co-owner based in Colombia, while we lived there this year. We immediately got excited about working on an Experteering project, especially with the appropriate guidance, planning, and training that Moving Worlds provides.

So, India will be our first Experteering project.

We are pursuing two potential projects there: 

  1. Creating  video stories to promote a stray animal recovery center in Northern India.
  2. Creating videos of local entrepreneurs that are building social cause projects to improve India. The organization helps, and mentors these projects to succeed.

As for our meaningful,  last months of 2016 plans for our business:

  • We both want to complete some training courses that will allow us to create other future products for Travel Life Experiences.
  • We are connecting with some potential clients for Travel Life Media, where we can leverage our marketing work and video work in the travel industry.
  • Realistically we won’t get all of these done (and that creates a lot of anxiety for me) so we plan to break these projects into smaller, more manageable chunks. Getting started on these big goals is also progress.

What are your plans for the last months of 2016?  Are they task plans or life plans?

Is there something in those plans that will bring you joy?

We’d love to hear about your experiences, let us know.

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