TMZ Was Wrong About One Aspect Of The Moline Story

Guitarhero said:

Call me dumb but why can the press print anything when you die. When you are alive you have a right of reply and can sue if it is BS. Defamation of character even if you die should be against the law too. sad

Tabloids can print anything anytime. Why? Because dumbfucks will still visit their sites and still buy tabloids. They will still link to tabloid sites on sites like

Only reason TMZ breaks any story first is because they don't go through the same process that the New York Times and other legitimate news sources do.

But again. Folks LOVE to gossip -- just look at the nonsense that continually gets locked and asked to be posted in the absurd sticky. Just go to the Associated Artists forum and click on any of former exes or the overwhelming dislike of any former female associated artist or person. The disrespect shown for Mayte when NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON THIS SITE TRULY HAS A CLUE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP.

Damaris doesn't care! Sheila E is trying to make a buck off of Prince's death! Folks that found Prince should have tried to bring Prince back to life even though he had already been dead at least 6 hours in that elevator!

Folks love to gossip. Love to lose their minds over things they know absolutely nothing about. Get their news from tabloid sources.

Tabloids can be sued repeatedly for many legitimate reasons -- but thanks to ignorant people that watch their shows, go to their sites, buy their rags both here and in the UK -- they will never go out of business.

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TMZ was wrong about one aspect of the Moline story
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