Sprint Postpaid Won't Take Me Back

So today I decided I would port that spare number back into Sprint and take advantage of the big sale Best Buy is having on the iPhones if you put one on a device payment plan.

So as we (Best Buy guy and me) were going through the process of re-opening the account (ported out just 2 weeks ago) the system rejected me only stating I could not do a device payment plan. I had a feeling it was because of my multiple port in's and out's. But I wanted to make sure nothing more serious was wrong. I called customer care and was told I reached a limit of port in's and out's and I could not open my account again. I was told to wait 6 months and sign up for a brand new account. I didn't know such a limit existed, but like I said, I did port out and in a lot over the last year and a half. Oh well, Guess I will have to port that number to a Verizon or T-Mobile prepaid account instead. I guess Sprint is not as desperate for customers that I thought they were.

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Sprint postpaid won't take me back
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