Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter To Hit Big Screen Tomorrow

The film still picture is on a huge white bear, a friend of Boonie Bears, which actually embodies the holy mountain God. The film is to hit the Big Screen on Friday, January 30, 2015. [Photo:]

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Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter to Hit Big Screen Tomorrow

Anchor: 'Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter', a new animated cartoon blockbuster for kids, has recently premiered in Beijing.

In addition to capturing children of some celebrities, the 'Boonie Bears' fans even include a young international audience member.

Xu Fei has more.

Reporter: With a mix of adventure and comedy, the film 'Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter' is about two bears, "Briar and Bramble", in their thrilling rescue campaign of a huge white bear, which embodies the holy mountain God.

'Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter' or Xiong Chu Mo Zhi Xue Ling Xiong Feng in Chinese with its main characters all coming from a highly popular Chinese animated cartoon series that was earlier telecasted on China Central Television.

Since Boonie Bears was first shown in February 2012 and became the most popular children's TV show in China, it is no wonder that it attracts such an audiences at the premier of its second big screen adaptation.

"I've watched this film with much excitement along with my mom and grandma. "
"The Boonie Bears bring us a fantastic opportunity for a family reunion."

Liza Fakhokidze, who comes from Georgia,a country in the Caucasus on the Black Sea, is among these moviegoers.

"My father is living here in China, and he told me it's very popular in China and I have to watch it, so I'm here at the premiere. I want to watch it because I know it's quite popular in China. And as I see, it's very funny and interesting. I don't know Chinese, but it's an animation and you don't have to know Chinese."

A new spotlight of the film comes from Gary Cao Ge, a Malaysian Chinese singer-songwriter based in Taiwan. He, along with his two children have recorded a theme song for the film.

"The film is a perfect combination---as my children watch a movie they love while I could devote myself to music production."

Gary Cao discloses that his two kids are fans of "Briar and Bramble".

Earlier, Chinese actress Li Xiaolu, her husband actor Jia Nailiang and their little daughter also voiced their fascination about the film, adding they will go to the cinema to watch it together.

'Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter' will begin to meet audience members on this Friday.

For CRI, I'm XU Fei.

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Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter to Hit Big Screen Tomorrow
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