7 Reasons To Follow Half An Onion In A Ziploc Bag Instead Of Donald Trump On Twitter

White House aides keep saying President Trump is increasingly upset by televised reports about his poorly attended inauguration, especially when contrasted with the extraordinary attendance at the Women’s March. They also say he’s obsessed with Twitter (ya think?) and lets comments on the social media platform regularly get under his skin. So a Twitter account potentially having a bigger following than his own, and that Twitter account being half an onion in a Ziploc bag, is the perfect storm of things that will piss him off. Even though the half an onion is 21.5M followers behind Trump, the idea that Trump is at all concerned about or bothered by half an onion in a Ziploc bag is wildly funny. Wait, never mind, I forgot he has the nuclear launch codes and might legitimately blow up the world if he gets too pissed off. It’s actually scary as hell. But it’s also still funny. It’s terrifying and funny and life is worth living because of wonderfully confusing dualities.

Source : http://www.funnyordie.com/articles/f1828a2071/7-reasons-to-follow-half-an-onion-in-a-ziploc-bag-instead-of-donald-trump-on-twitter