5 Killer Makeup Tricks For Halloween

Lindsey Poisson @ETNPoisson

Sunken cheeks. Bloody lips. A gory gash or two.

With a little work, you'll be the best walking horror show around.

After all, it's the finer details that make a great Halloween costume truly horrific. Nothing gives people the creeps quite like some peeling skin here or an oozing boil there -- well, you get the idea.

Fortunately, it doesn't take much to look absolutely ghastly. Here are a few tricks that will help.

1 Deathly pale: The corpse look, of course, is very trendy this time of year. There are many options for white body makeup -- either solid or liquid, grease- or cream-based -- that are widely available and relatively inexpensive. There are even quite a few homemade recipes all over the Internet. But for best results and to avoid bothersome streaking or clumping, it might be worth investing in a quality brand of costume makeup, such as Ben Nye or Mehron. To achieve a deathly but natural pale look, gently and gradually apply with makeup sponges.

2 Ghoulishly gaunt: For sunken cheeks and dark eyes, a little black or dark gray makeup creates a convincing effect. For sunken eyes, cover the lid completely with makeup and use a sponge to gradually spread the dark color around the eye, keeping the color just below the brow and right above the cheekbone. For gaunt cheeks, trace a line under each cheekbone and use a sponge to blend the makeup down the side of your cheek. (Want to go that extra step? Try using a makeup-setting spray or powder -- available at beauty supply stores -- when you're all done.)

3 Vampy lips: Pucker up -- this will be easy. For a multidimensional look, start by thickly lining your lips, making small strokes toward the center of each lip, with a dark shade (darker than your main color). Working from the center of each lip, gently blend your main shade toward the edges of your lips. (The outlining should now look blended in -- not covered up.) If desired, use a few dabs of a light or a pinkish shade to highlight the center of each lip.

4 Scary veins: No need to raise your blood pressure; just pluck pieces out of a makeup sponge so it has a jagged surface. Dip it in dark red makeup or fake blood and lightly dab over face, neck, arms, etc. For more pronounced veins, retrace the lines using a small paintbrush.

5 Peeling skin: Fancy a bit of decaying flesh? Apply tissue or oatmeal to your skin using regular, nontoxic school glue. Once it's dry, apply makeup. (Hint: To make the flesh look like it's decaying, such as for a zombie, blend the smallest hint of green into the area. To make it look like it's bleeding, add a little fake blood.) Gently pluck at the dried tissue or oatmeal with your fingers to really give it that peeling look.

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